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My Reel

This Is my reel! consisting of shots from tons of projects I have worked on.  From fun independent projects to more professional work. This is a quick way to get a general idea of my abilities  as a videographer.

The Butter Sailsmen!

This wakey short sketch was written, directed, and edited by myself. as well as being the star of the show! know, I know I sound quite full of my self. this was just for fun though! I would not take on this many rolls on a professional Project.

Invincible Boy

I was the DP and editor for this short. it was another fun silly project to work on staring my talented acquaintance phillip meyer who also happens to be a talented audio recordist and my go to guy in montana

Amys Song

This was a short film made for the 168 film project.  I worked as an audio assistant and 

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